Blizzard Video

Blizzard Video

This is a video I made as a junior in high school. This was another video made for my Video Editing class. We were tasked with creating a video about the 2021 blizzard in Nebraska. I shot the shots that I did because I thought that some of the shots would look cool and I wanted to have enough footage to cover the entire event.

I am proudest of the shot from inside the car where my dad brushes off the snow on the window. I decided to get that shot because I thought that it would be an interesting shot and it would help to get a new perspective in the video. I am also proud of the background noise I kept in the video. I thought that the noise of the shovel, snow blower, and car would add authenticity to the video.

The most challenging part of the project was getting more angles of my dad shoveling the snow. I got a lot of footage from the side and I ended up using a lot of it in the finished video, but I wish I would have gotten more footage from the front and the other side.

If I could do this project again I think that I would spend more time looking for more angles. I also think that I would get more footage of the neighborhood kids playing in the snow. I that this could have created a more interesting and intriguing video than what I have now. Lastly, I would look for a better way to close out my video. While I was filming, I didn’t look for an ending so when I was editing I had to work harder to find the right clip.

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